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The principle of shot blasting machine non-destructive inspection and prolonging the life of the workpiece

Time of issue: : 2020-12--10
   Briefly describe the principle of non-destructive flaw detection and prolonging the life of the workpiece    Shot blasting machine cleaning and strengthening is a cold treatment process, that is, the motor drives the shot blasting device to operate and continuously hits the surface of the part with countless small circular media called steel shots. Each steel shot hits the metal part, like a tiny rod beating the surface, making small indentations or depressions. In order to form depressions, the metal surface layer must be stretched. Under the surface layer, the compressed crystal grains try to restore the surface to its original shape, thereby generating a hemisphere under the action of high compression force. Numerous depressions overlap to form a uniform residual compressive stress layer, which further improves the indicated hardness and fatigue resistance of the workpiece. Can significantly extend the service life of the workpiece.   The surface of the newly-fired castings is not tidy, and some burrs and clay sand will remain, which requires later sanding and rust prevention treatments. There are pores on the surface of some defective products, which leave a safety hazard to the use of the product. Therefore, the surface of the casting needs to be treated with surface flaw detection. The shot blasting machine can well meet the above requirements.    Then, what principle does the shot blasting machine use for surface non-destructive testing? The casting is transported to the shot blasting machine room by hanging, crawler or roller, and the workpiece is continuously rotated and rolled in the room. The shot blasting machine is equipped with a well-arranged shot blasting device around the cleaning room, which can accelerate the ejection of metal shots. Through intensive metal projectile strikes, sand can be effectively cleaned and polished, and defective castings can be screened at the same time. The pores will be exposed in advance to avoid potential safety hazards later. The above is the principle of surface non-destructive inspection using shot blasting machine. Many steel materials and parts are constantly in contact with moist air during the placement process, resulting in a series of chemical reactions, and a layer of oxide scale and rust spots are formed on the surface over time, resulting in the aesthetics and deep processing of their use. Negative impact, at this time, the use of shot blasting machine for shot blasting and rust removal is particularly important. When the shot blasting machine is working, the conveying system transports the workpiece to be processed to the cleaning room of the shot blasting machine, and uses the high-speed rotating impeller of the shot blasting machine to accelerate the steel shot (projectile) to an initial speed of about 80m/s. Polishing to the surface of the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece is continuously impacted and scraped in all directions to remove the rust, oxide scale and dirt on the surface of the workpiece, so that the workpiece can achieve the purpose of rust removal and rust prevention.
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